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The flawless beauty of Porcelain Tile by Guanyu adds function and style to residential and commercial environments alike. withstands the rigors of everyday life beautifully to maintain its beauty for generations to come.

Stronger than marble or granite:

Made to the same high standards as the finest porcelain, then toughened at incredibly high temperatures, Porcelain Tile by Guanyu. is stronger than slate, marble or granite.

And More Wear Resistant:

When it comes to wear resistance, Porcelain Tile by Guanyu simply outperforms slate, marble - even granite.

With Easy Maintenance:

Porcelain Tile by Guanyu is easy to clean and maintain - no sealers, waxes or surface treatments are needed. Perfect for those high-traffic areas.

That's At Home in Throughout Your Home or Office:

Turn a foyer into a grand entrance, or transform an ordinary living room into a gracious space for entertaining. Porcelain Tile by Guanyu can also make your hard-working kitchen a whole lot easier to keep clean. And, best of all, Guanyu's colors and patterns flow beautifully from room to room, creating a house that's truly a home.

If you expect your design materials to rise to the level of your creative vision, Porcelain Tile by Guanyu is the clear choice. With hundreds of styles, colors, and sizes, Porcelain Stone provides design flexibility demanded by the nation’s top architects and designers. Strong, durable and stain resistant, it is backed by a no-nonsense warranty                                                                                            

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