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Welcome to the 123th Canton Fair


Green China Practitioner - Guanyu Ceramics


 Guanyu Ceramics is one of the protagonists of the Green China, she makes every step and products to meet the Green China and to enhances the China's green heritage under the leading of the government to follow the leader of Mr. Xi Jinping.
The environmental sustainability is a priority of Guanyu Ceramics, pursued through the adoption of productive processes aimed at the constant reduction of the environmental impacts.

A virtuous approach also recognized by the Chinese Ministry of the Environment, and which allowed Guanyu Ceramics to be included in the small panel of companies selected by INBAR (National Bio Architecture Institute) of China for the "Conference Show: Zero Impact Materials". The event aims to show the parameters and criteria related to low-impact building construction on health and the environment.

During the 122th Canton Fair, Guanyu Ceramics shows the functionality and benefits of the ventilated façades with certified ceramic surfaces.The company shows how both building industries and modern architectural design can fully use the absolute mechanical technical qualities of Guanyu Ceramics’s products and their unalterable aesthetic performance.

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